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Thank you so much for using JDS Equine Services for your equine selling needs.  We are very determined to work anywhere on the internet and via word of mouth to promote your horse (ie: Barrel Horse World, Dreamhorse, Discipline Chat groups, etc) depending on the service you choose with us.  This work is at no cost to you, simply a sale fee or percentage of the sale price if our referral is your buyer. 

We ask for honesty in this policy, and will respect you and the buyer with the same courtesy.  We are a FULL DISCLOSURE referral, so please make sure to give me all of the information, good or bad, about your horses's health and habits.  We cannot match them with the perfect owner without it.  
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Please describe all that you know about this horse.  Include ANY vices or training issues!
To the best of my ability I have been truthful about the condition of this horse, its behavior, its performance, and its ability to be sold in the equine industry.  I take full responsibility for anything said or used for advertisement based on this information.  I am the legal owner of said horse with full rights to transfer that ownership.  I understand that any change in said horses health before its sold will be immediately reported to JDS Equine Industries.  

I am hiring JDS Equine Services to promote and advertise said horse for sale, and agree that ANY sale based upon JDS Equine Services advertising and referral will result in a fee or commission of exchanged funds (see posted commission scale below) via Certified Check or Charge within 10 calendar days from the date of sale.  At anytime this advertising can be removed or cancelled in agreement by both parties in writing,  and that we are in agreement that any referral from JDS Equine Services is not the contracted buyer of said horse for 30 days following end of this agreement.  I agree that consignment will be paid if JDS Equine Services posted advertisement or website is used in my personal promotion resulting in a sale.  I agree that if I obtain brokerage services from anyone else, now or in the future, I will notify JDS Equine Services immediately as to not confuse potential buyers in the market place with multiple listings.

 My electronic signature is proof of this agreement and I am 18 years of age or older.
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Advertisement will be posted immediately following this agreement receipt and receipt of pictures and video for advertising.  Horses will not be listed without photos (in good lighting) off all 4 sides of said horse, without any tack or blankets, video of said horse performing, and 3 published results if said horse is under saddle and being sold for a discipline.


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Consignment Program (check one):
Social Media/Referral Exposure
  • Plan includes: social media advertising, webpage advertising, and buyer referral program.

Flat Fee:  $1000 if referred buyer comes from JDS​
Exclusive Brokerage
  • Social Media/Referral Exposure Plan PLUS customized advertising in the market best suited for your horse (IE:  Dreamhorse, Barrel Horse World, BRN4D, Craigslist in certain geographic areas, groups in specific areas, or any other paid advetisement possible).  
  • Horse/rider match before appointment is set with seller (All communication goes through JDS to weed out those not a fit).
  • REQUIRED exclusive listing to JDS.  This means JDS and seller are the only advertising agents for the sale of said horse, and ALL advertisement will be done by or through JDS.  We will supply you with flyers to hang if requested or we will advertise wherever you request that we do not already utilize (under $50 advertising fee).
  • Horse price/listing to be evaluated every 30 days if not sold to adjust accordingly for sale.  Paid advertising will not be renewed unless an adjustment is made.

Commission Rate:  10% if referred buyer comes from JDS​ for horses under $30,000, 5% for horses over $30,000