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We are so excited you have stopped by!  Our mission is to find each horse and rider a match that they will enjoy in life.  Consignment is our biggest business, and we PAY FOR REFERRALS!  

We also offer training for young horses, problem horses, or those needing a little something more.  We believe patience, structure, consistency, and exposure are the keys to confident, successful horses.  Contact us today for your training spot.
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Are you HEALTHY?
We ask our horses to perform in top shape, we even give them supplements and care to ensure they do.  What about YOU?  I rode competitively for YEARS over weight and not strong or feeling up to par.  That was not fair to my horses or my body which finally gave out.  I was very accomplished and people actually commented on how inspiring it was that had such great balance.  It was selfish of me to ask my animals to carry me!  We need to be in top shape for them.  If we cannot round and relax our back, neither can they! If we are full of aches and pains, they will be too.  Our body and energy relate directly to our horses.  

Make sure you are in TOP SHAPE.  We are here to help the rider so you can help the horse!  It's so important!  

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